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What can I do from the LibApps dashboard?

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The LibApps dashboard is the hub of all of your Springy apps. From there, you can:

  1. Access quick links to each of your apps: the My LibApps box lets you see which apps your account has access to, with links to both the admin and public interfaces for each.
  2. See a list of your LibApps admins: these are the people who can manage things like accounts, LibAuth, domain names & certificates, and the LTI Tool.
  3. Update your LibApps user account info: this includes things like your name, email address, and password.
  4. Update your profile information: this includes things like your profile photo, public contact info, widgets, and other info contained in your LibGuides profile box and page.
  5. Manage your Image Manager libraries: you can add, manage, and remove images from your personal and (if you're an admin) Shared Image manager libraries.
  6. LibApps Admin setting: if you are a LibApps Admin, you will see the Admin dropdown where you can manage things like accounts, LibAuthdomain names & certificates, and the LTI Tool

The LibApps Dashboard