Embedding third party widgets in your profile

To include a third-party widget in your profile:

  1. Navigate to LibApps.
  2. Click on My Profile in the command bar.
  3. Under the Profile Box tab, click on click on Other Widget Code in the Widgets box to edit it. (To remove a widget from your profile box, leave the field empty.)
  4. Copy and paste the widget's embed code and click on the checkmark button to save it.
    • IMPORTANT: before saving, please remove any <script> tags that are attempting to load any version of jQuery (e.g. jquery.min.js).
    • Because all Springy apps already load jQuery, including jQuery in your widget will cause any pages containing your profile box to stop working correctly.
  5. To display your widget in both your profile box and profile page, click the Page & Box button. Otherwise, click the Page Only button to only display it on your full profile page.

Navigating to the My Profile page

Clicking to edit the Other Widget Code

Saving other widget code

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