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Testing and troubleshooting Facebook tokens

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Please note that, for security and privacy reasons, Facebook deactivates tokens if they are inactive for 90 days. Using the Facebook integration from LibGuides or LibAnswers, or refreshing your token will prevent deactivation

If you are experiencing issues with your Facebook Page integration, you have two options for testing and refreshing the connection to ensure that it is connected to LibApps properly

  1. From the LibApps dashboard, go to Admin > Social Channels Integration.
  2. From the Actions column In the Facebook Integration box, you can:
    1. Test Tokens: Click to check the token / verify it's working properly. If the test fails, you can use the second action to refresh the connection
    2. Refresh Tokens: Click to reauthorize, if something stops working. This action runs through the connection process with your page again, using the same Token ID, so you don't have to change anything in the individual apps.

testing and troubleshooting a Facebook social integration