Adding the Automagic LTI Tool to Blackboard

The Automagic LTI tool allows you to embed content from your LibGuides site into Blackboard using matching vs. selecting content manually. A field from a Blackboard course is compared with the metadata added to LibGuides, and any resulting matches are displayed in the Blackboard course.

As with most instructions for other vendors' products, instructions may be a bit different, depending on the version of Blackboard you're using. The general idea of the thing should hold true, though:

  • First you need to set up the Tool Provider as an approved provider.
  • Next you need to set up the Placements: where in the system can folks use this tool?

LibApps: Get the Configuration Information

You must be a LibApps Admin to get the configuration information for your system.

You'll need to get your Blackboard admins the configuration information for the Automagic tool or create them an account in one of your Springshare apps and make them a LibApps Admin.

  1. Log into any Springshare product and click the blue menu > choose LibApps.
  2. Go to Admin > LTI Tool Builder > LTI Automagic.
  3. Go to the Configuration Details section. Send your Blackboard admins the following fields:
    • LTI Launch URL
    • LTI Consumer Key
    • LTI Shared Secret

You do not need the Config URL for Blackboard. That is only used in Canvas.

When testing this setup, you'll need to make sure that you have your Automagic tool configured in LibApps / LibGuides. While your Blackboard admins are configuring things there, review the documentation and configure the tool / add some test metadata on the LibApps / LibGuides side as well.

LTI Tool Builder > Automagic configuration info screen

Setting Up the Tool Provider

  1. Go to System Admin > Building Blocks > LTI Tool Providers > Register Provider Domain
  2. Fill out the form:
    1. Provider Domain Status Section:
      • Provider Domain => LTI Consumer Key
      • Provider Domain Status => Approved
    2. Default Configuration Section:
      • Default Configuration => Set Globally
      • Tool Provider Key => LTI Consumer Key
      • Tool Provider Secret => LTI Shared Secret
    3. Organization Policies Section:
      • Send User Data => Send user data only over SSL
      • User Fields to Send => Constituency in Course (Required)
        Required for the selection screen to display for instructors / other course editors. Other fields are up to you.
  3. Click Submit.
Blackboard Tool Provider form

Adding Placements

The Placement allows you to set the Launch URL for the tool, which is required in order to use the tool.

  1. While in System Admin > Building Blocks > LTI Tool Providers, click the down arrow next to the placement you just added > choose Manage Placements.
  2. Click Create Placement.
  3. Fill out the form:
    1. Placement Information > Label: Name as you'd like it to appear for those searching for the tool to add it to a course menu.
    2. Placement Information > Handle: Unique identifier for the placement..
    3. Placement Information > Type: Content Type > Student Tool
    4. Tool Provider Information > Tool Provider URL: LTI Launch URL
  4. Click Submit.
Placement form for adding Automagic tool.

Adding it to the Course Navigation

At this point, it's up to you whether you want to add it to all courses globally or allow each instructor to add it manually to their course's navigation.

Adding Globally

  1. Go to System Admin > Course Settings > Course Menu and Structures.
  2. Click + > Tool Link (in the upper left of the default menu on the screen).
    • Name: Whatever name you'd like to appear in the course menu.
    • Check off the Available to Users checkbox (if it isn't already checked).
    • Type: Look for the Label you gave it when you set up the Automagic Placement, and choose that.
    • Click Submit.
  3. Reorder the Automagic page wherever you'd like in the course menu structure.

Adding in Individual Courses

If you'd prefer that having the tool in the course nav be opt-in vs. opt-out, instructors / other course editors can add it to the navigation manually. They'd follow the same basic instructions as above: once in their course, click + > Tool Link, give it a name, select the Tool from the dropdown, and check fof the Available to Users checkbox.

Adding the tool to the default course menu in Blackboard.

Finding the Tool in Blackboard

Once it's been added, you'll find the link in the navigation menu for each course.  


Example of where to find the Automagic tool link in the course navigation.

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