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System Settings: Restrict access to your LibCal site by IP address

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Getting there

To manage your access rules and privacy settings, go to Admin > System Settings > Access/Indexing Rules.

Navigating to the Access Rules & Privacy page

IP Access Rules

If you'd like to restrict access to your public pages to only those people within specific IP address ranges, you can add one or more IP access rules to your system. When you add an access rule, only users within the IP address range you specify will be able to view your home page, calendars, bookings, and appointments pages.

IP access rules can allow you to restrict access to only those people visiting your LibCal site from your local network. If you were an academic library, for example, this would allow you to restrict access to only on-campus users. Or, if you were a hospital or corporate library, this would allow you to restrict access to only those users in your network.

Important: if you plan on adding IP access rules, be sure that the first rule you add includes your current IP address (don't worry -- we list this for you on the page). Otherwise, you'll lock yourself out of your LibCal system. If this happens, contact Springy Support and we can get you back in. :)
  1. Click on the Add an IP Access Rule button.

Screenshot of the Add an IP Access Rule button

  1. Enter the Starting IP address.
  2. Enter the Ending IP address. If you want to add just a single IP address, rather than a range of addresses, enter the same IP in both the Starting IP and Ending IP fields.
  3. If you'd like, you can enter a Description to describe what this IP range covers.
  4. Click the Save Rule button. Repeat steps 1-5 to add additional IP address ranges.

Example of adding an IP access rule 

Deleting IP access rules

  1. Click on the Delete () icon in the Actions column.

Example of deleting an IP access rule