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Accounts: Enable or disable Appointments for a user

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To manage Appointments for a user, go to Admin > Accounts.

Selecting Accounts from the Admin menu

When you first get started with LibCal, each user's Appointments will be disabled by default. In order for someone to start using Appointments, you must first enable it for their account. If a person does not currently have it enabled, "Disabled" will appear in the Appointments column.

  1. Click on the Edit () icon in the Actions column to edit the user's account.
Example of editing a user's account
  1. On the Manage Account page, change the Appointments Scheduler option to "Enabled" or "Disabled" as needed.
    • Please note: when disabling a user's access to Appointments, they will no longer see the Appointments link in the orange command bar and will be unable to view or manage their appointments.
    • However, this will not delete any existing appointment or availability data. To view and manage that data, just set the user's Appointments back to "Enabled".
  2. Click on the Save button at the bottom of the page.
Example of enabling Appointments for a user