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Spaces: Enable public nicknames for a category's bookings

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When the Public Nickname option is enabled for a category, users will be able to assign a nickname to their space bookings. Other users will then be able to look up these bookings via the category's public booking page.

For example, if a Biology tutor submits a recurring booking for a study group, she could give it a nickname of "Biology 200 study group". If other students want to know when and where the next session will be, they will be able to search for that booking by its nickname on that category's public booking page.

To enable public nicknames for a category:

  1. Go to Admin > Spaces & Equipment.
  2. Under the Locations tab, find the location containing the category you want to move and click on its link in the Spaces column.

Selecting Equipment & Spaces from the Admin menu

  1. Select Edit Category from the cog () button in the category's heading.

Clicking a category's edit Category button

  1. Under the General tab, set the Public Nicknames option to Enabled.
  2. In the Public Nickname Label field, you can customize the label for the public nickname field on your booking forms.
    • For example, instead of "Nickname", you could display "Booking Name", "Meeting Name", "Group Name", etc.
  3. If you would like to make the public nickname a required field, select the Required checkbox.
    • If nicknames are not required, patrons will be able to submit a booking without one. On the public confirmed bookings page, these will be listed with a nickname of "Private".
  4. Click the Save Category Settings button.

The Public Nickname options and Save Category Settings button

Disabling public nicknames

You can disable public nicknames at any time by returning to this page and setting the Public Nicknames field to Disabled.