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Spaces: Allow users to book multiple spaces in a single booking

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Within a space category's booking limits, you can use the Single booking multiple space/seats option to choose whether or not patrons are allowed to book multiple rooms in a single booking request. When this is disabled, a patron must make separate bookings for each space/seat that they want to book. 

To customize this setting for a category:

  1. Go to Admin > Spaces & Equipment.
  2. Under the Locations tab, find the location containing the category you want to move and click on its link in the Spaces column.
Selecting Equipment & Spaces from the Admin menu
  1. Select Edit Category from the cog () button in the category's heading.
Clicking a category's edit Category button
  1. Click on the Booking Limits tab.
  2. Select the desired option from the Single Booking Multiple Space/Seats setting.
    • Allowed: users will be able to book multiple rooms in a single booking request, up to any applicable duration or frequency limits.
    • Not Allowed: users will only be able to request one space per booking request. Keep in mind that this only applies to a single booking request. It will not prevent a user from requesting another space in a separate booking. (To prevent that, consider setting a Duration Limit or Frequency Limit for the category.)
  3. Click the Save button.
The Single Booking Multiple Rooms option