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Equipment: Customize the items per page, visible duration, barcode display, & label width on the public equipment catalog

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The options in your Equipment Display Settings allow you to customize how availability and item information are displayed on the public equipment bookings pages, including the number of items to show per page, the visible duration of time shown in the booking grid, whether or not an item's barcode is displayed, and the width of the equipment item label. Changes here will apply to the public booking pages for every location.

To manage your Equipment Display Settings settings, go to Admin > Spaces & Equipment > Settings, and scroll down to the Equipment Display Settings panel.

Navigating to the settings page

  1. Items Per Page: this option allows you to customize how many items can appear on each page of your public catalog. 
  2. Visible Duration: this determines how many days are visible at one time in the booking availability grid.
    • Let the System Dynamically Determine the Duration: this option will use your location and category settings to determine an appropriate number of days to display at once. When enabled, users will be able to browse availability times for multiple days.
    • Show a Single Day Only: this option will only display one day's availability at a time.
  3. Barcode Display: this determines whether or not users can see an item's barcode number.
    • Do Not Show Item Barcode: this will hide the barcode number from the availability grids.
    • Show Item Barcode Alongside Item Name: this will show each item's barcode next to its name in the availability grid. For example: MacBook Pro (BC 123456)
  4. Label Area Width: this allows you to control the width (as a percentage value) of the availability grid's first column, which displays the names for each space. If you have spaces with longer names, increasing the width of the label area can help the names display without having to scroll.

Example of Equipment Display Settings