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Spaces & Equipment: Manually ban and remove bans for users booking equipment and spaces

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If you want to prevent a user from booking your spaces and equipment, you have the ability to ban them. Bans are based on a user's email address. If a person attempts to use a banned email address to submit a booking, they will receive an error message on the screen. You can customize the text of this message in your User Banning settings. That is also where you can set up automatic bans for users who have overdue items and/or a certain amount of overdue fines.

To manage your banned users, go to Admin > Spaces & Equipment and click on the Banned Users tab.

Navigating to the Banned Users page

Banning a user

  1. Click on the Ban User button. This will launch the Ban User dialog box.

Screenshot of the Ban User button

  1. Enter the email address of the person you want to ban in the Email to Ban field.
  2. If you'd like, you can also make a note explaining the ban in the Reason for Ban (optional) field.
  3. Click on the Ban User button.

Example of banning a user

Removing a ban

To remove a patron from the Banned Users list, whether they were added automatically or manually:

  1. Click on the Remove This Ban () icon in the Actions column.

Screenshot of the Remove This Ban icon

  1. Click on the Remove This Ban button.
    1. If the user has multiple bans (e.g. banned for both overdues and fines), you can remove all of the user's bans by clicking on the Remove All Bans button.

Example of removing a ban