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Equipment: Create and manage fine templates for equipment categories and items

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Fine templates define how much money you want to charge for overdue items. You can create multiple fine templates to use with entire categories of equipment, or just for specific items. Each template allows you to define how overdue fines are calculated, how much to charge, minimum and maximum amounts, and even when to assess replacement charges for lost items.

To manage your fine templates, go to Admin > Spaces & Equipment and click on the Fine Templates tab.

Example of getting to the Fine Templates page

Creating a fine template

  1. Click on the Add New Fine Template button. This will launch the Add Fine Template dialog box.

Screenshot highlighting the Add New Fine Template button

  1. Give the fine a descriptive name (e.g. "Laptop Fines" or "Equipment Desk Overdue Fines")
  2. For the Calculate Fine option, select whether you want to calculate fines by the hour or by the day.
  3. In the Fine Amount field, enter the amount you want to charge by hour or day.
  4. In the Minimum Fine field, enter the minimum amount that each patron must pay once an item is overdue. If you do not want to assess a minimum fine, enter 0.
  5. In the Maximum Fine field, enter the maximum amount that a person can accrue. If you do not want to set a maximum, enter 0.
  6. In the Grace Period field, enter the number of hours after a due date before fines start to accrue. For example, if an item is due at 4pm and you have a grace period of 1 hour, fines would start accruing if the item is not returned by 5pm.
  7. For the Time Calculation Method field, choose whether you want fines to only be calculated during hours your location is open.
    • For example, if you are open from 8am to 8pm and you choose "Use Opening Hours Only", fines will stop accruing at 8pm and continue accruing the next day starting at 8am.
    • If you were to choose "Use Entire Duration", then fines would continue accruing until the item is returned -- even when the location is closed.
  8. Save your changes.

Example of configuring a fine template 

Managing fine templates

  1. To edit a fine template, click on the Edit Fine Template () icon in the Action column.
  2. To delete a fine template, click on the Delete Fine Template () icon in the Action column.

Screenshot highlighting the Edit and Delete icons