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Emailing event attendees

  1. Click on the event you want to manage on your calendar. This will launch the Event Details window.
  2. Click on the Manage Event button.

All of the options for managing an event's attendees can be found by clicking the Manage Event button. This includes:

  • Viewing an event's overview and adding notes
  • Managing registrations
  • Managing the wait list
  • Tracking cancelled registrations
  • Emailing attendees
  • Creating an event button

Example of clicking on an event to modify

Example of going to manage an event

If you ever need to send a quick email to your attendees or people on the waiting list, the Email Attendees tab can be a real time saver. Instead of having to manually copy and paste everyone's email addresses into your email client, you can send an email right from within LibCal. This can be helpful if you want to remind attendees to bring their copy of the month's book club reading, or let people know about a last-minute change in location or time.

  1. If you'd like replies to your email to go to a specific address, enter it in the Reply To field.
  2. Enter the attendees to include in your email's BCC list (separate multiple addresses by a comma).
    1. To automatically add all registered attendees to the BCC list, click on the Add Registered button.
  3. Use the Subject field to customize the subject of the email.
  4. Use the Message text area to customize the body of the email.
  5. Click the Send Email button.
    • Note: the user sending the email will automatically be BCC'ed, as well.

Example of emailing attendees

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