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Equipment: Checking out items

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To check out equipment, go to Equipment > Check Out. The tab will display a green badge indicating how many booked items are pending checkout on the current date.

Navigating to the Equipment Check Out page

Admin users and regular-level users with permission to check items out/in can check out items to patrons.

To check items out:

  1. Select the Location of items you want to review, using the dropdown at the top of the page. This will display all items awaiting checkout in that location.
    1. Select a Category from the dropdown to view bookings from only that category.
    2. By default, all bookings starting in (or before) the next 4 hours will display by default. Use the Show Bookings dropdown to increase that window.
    3. To search for bookings for a specific patron, enter the patron's Name, Email Address, or Booking ID In the Search for Borrower field to search for a specific booking. You can also search for a specific item by entering its barcode.
    4. To search all bookings in your system, select the Search All Locations checkbox.
    5. Click the Go button to apply your filters.
  2. All of the bookings meeting your criteria will display, grouped by patron.
    1. Click on the patron's email address to send them an email.
    2. Click on the return date & time to change when the item is due.
    3. Click on the booking ID to view all of the booking's information. From here, you can change the booking form information, leave internal notes, or cancel the booking.
    4. Click the Copy Booking Details () button to create a new booking from the current booking. This will create a new booking, but pre-fill the booking form with the details that were used for the current booking. 
    5. To swap an item, click on the Swap Item button and select an available item from the list.
  3. For each item, you want to check out, select its Check this item out checkbox.
    1. Some items may have a Check Out Procedure note below the checkbox. This can help you remember any special procedures that are required before checking out the item.
    2. To select, or deselect, every item on the page, click on the Select/Deselect All button.
  4. Once you've selected the items to check out, click on the Check Out / Pick Up Selected Items button. An Item Checked Out message will display for each item checked out and the patron(s) will receive an email confirmation with the due dates/times.
    • If a patron checks out an item prior to their scheduled pick-up time, the due date will be adjusted accordingly so they don't get to borrow the item for a longer period of time.
    • Patrons will also receive a reminder email when they're approaching the due date. For hourly bookings, these are sent 1 hour before the due time. For daily bookings, these are sent 24 hours before the due date.
    • LibCal will also send out an overdue email to patrons when items are not returned by the due date. These are only sent one time for each item.

Checking out an item

Billing fees must be paid before check out: if you charge billing fees for equipment and a booking has outstanding charges, staff will be prevented from checking out the item until payment is collected. Learn more...