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Equipment: Managing overdue items

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To manage your overdue bookings, head to Equipment > Overdue. The tab will indicate whether or not any items are currently overdue.

Navigating to the Equipment Overdue page

About overdue items

When an item comes overdue, a few important things will happen:

  • The patron will receive an overdue notice email notification, letting them know that the item is now overdue.
  • If any fine templates are being applied to the item, they will begin to accrue following any grace period in the fine template.
  • The item will appear unavailable on the public booking page for the remainder of the current day.
    • This will continue on a rolling basis until the item is returned.
    • For example, if an item is due Monday and goes overdue, the item will appear unavailable the rest of Monday until it's returned. If it's still not returned by Tuesday, then the item will appear unavailable for the rest of Tuesday until it's returned, and so on.
  • An *Overdue* label will display next to the item's name on the Booking Grid & Availablity tab, when adding a single or recurring item booking from the admin-side, and when updating a booking (when choosing to book a different item).

It's important to note that patrons can still book an overdue item on future dates. Future bookings will not be automatically cancelled if the item has not returned in time.

View and manage overdues

The Equipment Overdue page allows you to easily view, filter, and manage your overdue items.

  1. Select the Location of items you want to review, using the dropdown at the top of the page.
  2. Use the Category dropdown to view overdue items for a particular category in the location.
  3. Use the Group dropdown to choose whether or not to group items together.
    • Show Individual Items: this option will show each item individually.
    • Group By Patron Email: this will group bookings together by patron, using their email address, showing you the total number of overdues per person.
  4. Use the Overdue By dropdown to filter the list by how long an item has been overdue. You can choose to view all overdue items, or only those that are over 4 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours, or 7 days overdue.
  5. To search all bookings in your system, select the Search All Locations checkbox.
  6. Click the Go button to apply your filters.
  7. Click the Columns buttons to select which columns to display in the table.
  8. Use the Search field to filter the list by text in any column.
  9. Click on the Item Name to view and edit the booking's information, as well as leave internal notes.
  10. Click on the Patron Email to send a customizable email to the patron.
  11. Click on the Check In () icon in the Actions column to check the item in. This will take you to the Check In page, where you can return the item.
  12. Click on the Mark as Lost () icon in the Actions column to update the item's status to Lost/Missing and assess charges to the patron.
  13. Click on the Export button to export the current list of records to a CSV file.

Viewing overdue bookings