Record the total number of actual attendees for an event

If your event does not have registration enabled, you can use the Actual Attendance field keep track of the total number of people who attended your event. The number you enter here will be included in your calendar's statistics. This can be compared alongside the optional Anticipated Attendance value, which you can set when creating or editing your event.

While viewing an event's details (either via the admin calendar or Event Explorer):

  1. Enter the number of attendees in the Actual Attendance field.
    • This field will appear starting on the day of the event.
    • If registration is enabled for your event, then the Confirmed Attendance field will also display the number of people marked as confirmed attendees. However, you can still enter a number in the Actual Attendance field, as well. Both will be listed separately in the calendar and event statistics.
  2. Click the Save button.

Example of recording actual attendance 

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