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Appointments: Identify when appointment availability time is running out

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For your convenience, LibCal will display an alert in the My Upcoming Appointments box on your dashboard, as well as on your Appointments > My Appointments page. There are two different alerts that you may see:

  • You have no appointments availability beyond the next 7 days: this will display starting 7 days prior to your last availability time and let you know the final date you're set as available.
  • You have no future appointments availability: this will display if you have no future availability times added to your schedule.

In both cases, the alert will include a link directly to your availability settings so you can quickly add more times to your schedule.

Example dashboard notification

The following image shows where you can find these alerts on your LibCal dashboard.

Example alert in the My Upcoming Appointments box on the dashboard

Example notification on My Appointments page

Alerts will also display on the Appointments > My Appointments page, right above your upcoming appointments.

Example alert on the My Appointments page