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Setting up billing charges for a calendar event

When registration is enabled for a calendar event, you'll have the option of charging attendees a fee when they register for that event. After registering, patrons will be able to pay the fee online via credit card, but you can also record an in-person payment.

Before you begin: if you have not yet set up billing for your LibCal system, please see Configuring your LibCal billing and payments settings.

Setting an event's registration fee

  1. When creating a new event or editing an existing event, scroll down to the Event Registration section
    1. The Registration is required checkbox must be selected to enable a registration fee.
  2. In the Event Cost field, enter the amount to charge per attendee. This can be a whole or decimal amount, without the currency symbol.
    1. If Enable multiple attendees within a single registration is enabled, the Event Cost will be multiplied by the total number of attendees. For example, if the Event Cost is $5 and the registration includes 3 attendees, the total charge will be $15.
    2. If Enable a waiting list when fully booked is enabled, please note that people will not be charged if they register for the waiting list. If they are moved from the waiting list to the attendee list, they will then be charged the registration fee.
    3. If this is a repeating event and Series link registration is enabled, the Event Cost covers all events in the series (i.e. it is not multiplied by the number of events in the series).
  3. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page.

The Event Cost field and other event registration options 

Including cost & payment details in event emails 

Each calendar's email notifications can display cost and payment information for events that have registration fees.

  • All default templates will include the {{REGISTRATION_COST}} tag, which will display the event's cost.
  • The default Coming off the Waiting List and being confirmed template also includes the {{{BOOKING_URL}}} tag, which displays the link attendees can use to submit their payment online when coming off the waiting list.
  • The brand new Event Payment Receipt template is sent when an attendee has successfully submitted an online payment. This includes the {{TRANSACTION_ID}} tag, which displays the unique transaction identifier for their payment (provided by your payment processor).

If you are not currently using the default templates for your calendar, or you are unsure, we recommend that you take a look at your templates prior to adding registration fees. To view and edit the email templates for your calendar:

  1. Edit your calendar.
  2. Click on the Settings dropdown and select Email Settings.

The Email Settings option under the Settings menu

  1. For each template listed on the Email Settings page, we recommend clicking the Restore Default Template button for best results. This is the easiest way to ensure that cost and payment info will only be displayed for events that have a fee.
    1. However, if you'd like to manually update your existing templates, please reference the Available Email Tags list for each template. All tags are case sensitive.
  2. Click the template's Save button.

The Restore Default Template button for the Event Confirmation template

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