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Checking in & out for a space / seat booking

When a location has enabled the Space/Seat Booking Check In/Out option, patrons are required to check in when they arrive for their booking and check out when they are done. Patrons check in and out by scanning a unique QR code (or via a link to the Check In page) for their booking, that way there's no interaction between staff and the patron.

Via the seat & space bookings landing page

The Seat & Space Bookings landing page allows patrons to look for available spaces and seats by location, or check in and out for their bookings.

To link directly to this page, append /r to your LibCal site's URL. For example, if your URL was, you would access this page at

seat & space bookings landing page

Via QR Code

Each space and seat has its own unique QR code that you can print out and attach to (or near) the seat. Admin users can view and print each space's QR code by viewing the Zones tab for the location and a seat's QR code by viewing a space's Seats settings.

example QR code

When a patron arrives for their booking, they can scan the QR code with their smartphone. This will take them to the public check-in page where they can indicate their arrival. They will need to enter the check in code that was provided in their booking confirmation email in order to check in.

the check in page

Once they're done, they can click the Check Out button on that page, again entering the check in code for their booking, in order to check out.


Via booking email links

After a patron submits a booking (and it's confirmed/verified/mediated approved), the default email templates will provide them with a link to easily check in and out for their booking, along with the check in code they need to enter.

email template preview showing check-in link and code

Via staff entry

Staff users can also check users in and out for their bookings via the Spaces > Booking Grid & Availability page. Simply click on the booking in the grid to view its details. Then, in the Booking Details panel, click on the link provided in the Check In/Out field.

a check-in link in the booking details panel

Additionally, any bookings listed in the Booking Activity area of the Utilization Dashboard for a location (via Spaces > Utilization page) can be clicked on to allow a staff user to check a booking in or out.

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