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Hours: Configure library access for Regular users

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Regular users can be given access to the Hours module at certain permission levels and for specified locations. This is useful for staff to manage the schedule at their location, whether as a standard responsibility or for special circumstances like unexpected closures. Two settings work together to permit or restrict this access:

  1. Permission level (set system-wide): admins set the default permissions for Hours > Libraries for all Regular users. As needed they can also modify the permissions for individuals. The options include:
    • No access: exactly what it sounds like! 🙂
    • Allowed to adjust schedule and add/remove exceptions: this includes the ability to edit the settings for a library and its departments.
    • Full access: ability to edit the schedule and settings, add/remove exceptions, and add/delete libraries and departments.
  2. Library access (set per library location): admins can customize a library's Regular User Access for each location, selecting whether to allow all regular-level users, no regular-level users, or a custom list of users to be able to access the Hours module for that library and its departments.

When a regular-level user is given access to a library, they will then be able to perform the level of permission granted in the system-wide permissions, as listed above.

Note: Admin-level users have full access to all locations.

Set a library's Regular User Access

  1. Go to Admin > Hours.
Selecting Hours from the Admin menu
  1. Across from a library's name, select Settings.
Selecting Settings across from a library.
  1. Click on the Regular User Access tab.
  2. Next to the Regular User Access field, choose your desired option:
    1. No access for all regular users: this will hide the Hours > Libraries option for all regular-level users.
    2. Full access for all regular users: this allows all regular-level users access to the location (this is the default).
    3. Per User Setting: this displays the regular-level users in your system. Select the checkbox next to each user to grant them access.
  3. Click Save.
The Regular User Access options.