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Tickets & Passes: Create and manage booking forms and questions

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When configuring an institution in the  Tickets & Passes module, you have the option to select a booking form that patrons must complete in order to book a digital pass. By default, patrons need to provide only their name and email address in order to book. However, you can create customized booking forms that allow you to collect additional information that you define. For example:

  • Patron status
  • Phone number
  • Department or home library
  • How someone learned about the passes program
  • ...and whatever else you need!

These responses are saved, allowing you to view and export them via the Booking Explorer. Booking forms can be unique to each institution so you can ask different questions with each one, or the same booking form can be used for multiple institutions. If the questions you want to ask are the same, we recommend applying the same form to each institution—this will make data collection across institutions smoother. 🙂

Getting there

To create and manage booking forms:

  1. Go to Admin > Tickets & Passes.
  2. Click the Booking Forms tab.
Navigating to the Booking Forms

Create a new booking form

  1. Click on the Add New Form button.
Selecting the Add New Form button
  1. Add a Form Name.
  2. Click the Save & Continue button.
Example of adding a new form

Add custom questions

Every booking form has required fields for name and email address. Although these cannot be removed, you can add up to 30 custom questions to the booking form to request additional information from patrons, using these options:

  • Radio buttons: Multiple-choice field where a single option can be selected from a list of buttons.
  • Checkboxes: Multiple choice field where one or more options can be selected from a group of checkboxes.
  • Dropdown: Multiple choice field where a single option can be selected from a dropdown menu.
  • Single-line text: A one-line text input field, best suited for collecting short text responses.
  • Multi-line text: A text area field that is best suited for collecting long text responses.

To add a custom question to your booking form:

  1. Click the Add New Question button.
The Add New Question button
  1. In the Text field, enter the question you want to ask. This will display as the field's label.
  2. From the Type dropdown, select the type of field you want to add (see the list above for an overview).
  3. For the Required option, you can choose to make the question required or optional. When set to required, users will need to respond in order to submit the form.
  4. If you selected one of the multiple-choice field types:
    1. Click the Add Answer Selection button for each available choice.
    2. Enter the choice in each Answer field.
    3. To remove a selection, click on its trash can () button.
  5. Click the Save button to save your changes and add the field to your form.
the Add New Question modal

Edit or delete custom fields

In the Questions panel, you can:

  1. Edit a question's text or answer options by clicking its Edit () button.
  2. Delete a question by clicking its Delete () icon. You will be prompted to confirm before it is actually deleted.
    • This will permanently remove the field from your form.
    • It will not appear in future form submissions, but responses to the field will still appear in your past submission data.
the Edit and Delete icons for questions

Reorder your custom fields

To change the ordering of your custom fields:

  1. Click the Reorder Questions button.
    • This button will be active only if you have two or more custom questions.
the Reorder Questions button
  1. In the list of question fields, click, drag, and drop fields into your desired order.
    • Although the Full Name and Email fields are display, please note that they cannot be reordered.
  2. When you're finished, click the Save button to update your form.
the Reorder Booking Form Questions modal window

Form preview

The Form Preview panel provides a real-time look at your form, exactly as it will display to patrons. This can help you fine-tune your form's layout.

the Form Preview panel

Edit a form

  1. Under the Booking Forms tab, edit a form by clicking its Edit () icon in the Action column.
the Edit icon for a form
  1. This will take you to the Modify Booking Form page, where you can add, edit, remove, and reorder questions.
    1. Rename your form by clicking on the Edit () icon next to the form's name.
the booking form name's Edit icon

Delete a form

  1. To permanently delete a form and its questions, click on its Delete () icon under the Booking Forms tab.
the Delete icon for a form
  1. Enter the unique code exactly as shown to proceed with the deletion.
    • If a booking form is currently in use by an institution, the name of that institution will be shown here instead. To delete the form, you must first unassign the form from the institution in the institution's settings in its General tab.
  2. Click the Delete Booking Form button.
    • This permanently deletes the form from being used in the future, but past booking submissions will retain their responses to the form's questions.
the Delete icon for a form