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Emails: Create and manage email categories

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Email campaigns can be assigned to Email Categories. When you send an email campaign that is assigned to a category, only those recipients subscribed to that category will receive it. Each category has a name, type, description, and frequency that can be set.

The category type (Operational or Marketing) determines which email campaigns you can assign to that category. And the frequency indicates how often patrons can expect to receive emails from that category.

The category name, description, and frequency for Marketing type categories will be visible to patrons when they update their email preferences. This allows them to subscribe and unsubscribe to the emails of their choice based on the categories they're given. 

Categories set to the Operational type are not used/visible to patrons when they manage their email preferences (nor are they visible when managing a person profile's Categories of Interest). Operational categories are intended as a way to group your non-promotional email campaigns for things like changes to policies or hours. 

Create an email category

  1. Log into LibConnect and go to Emails > Categories.
  2. Click on the + Category button.
The New Category button
  1. On the New Email Category modal, enter the Name of the category.
  2. Select the Type of the category:
    • Marketing: these are intended to group the email campaigns that will be used for promoting library services & resources.
      • Reminder: categories using this type will be visible to patrons managing their email subscription preferences.
    • Operational: these are intended to group the campaigns for your non-promotional emails, such as changes to policies or hours.
  3. Optionally, set the Description of the category. 
    • This description will be visible to patrons for Marketing categories when they're managing their email subscription preferences.
  4. Set the Frequency of emails assigned to this category.
    • This value is not binding when creating campaigns and sending emails for the category, but is used to give patrons an idea of how often they'll receive emails for this category.
  5. Click the Add button to create the new category.
configuring a new email category

View and manage email categories

On the Emails > Categories page, you can edit and delete your existing categories. One thing to note when managing your categories is that once a category has been associated with a campaign it can no longer have its category Type changed. The type of category (marketing or operational) can only be adjusted for unused categories.

To manage your email categories:

  1. To edit a category, including its name, type (for unused categories only), description, and frequency, click on the Edit Category link.
  2. To delete a category, click on its Delete Category link.
    • You will be prompted to confirm that you want to delete the category.  Please understand that by deleting the category, it will be permanently removed from the system. All the email campaigns associated with the category will be set to N/A.
Managing your email categories