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Person Profiles: Create a new profile

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What is a person profile?

A Person profile allows you to keep track of important information about your library's stakeholders. Out of the box, this includes basic contact info, such as a person's name, email address, and other contact info. However, you can customize your profiles to include additional info, such as research interests, publication history, affiliations -- whatever is most relevant for your library.

Person profiles are also used to coordinate and track interactions with your stakeholders, whether it's a simple email offering a library instruction session, or helping an author research your special collections & archives. Each interaction you add not only helps you track your outreach and engagement, but it can also help you develop more personalized services in the future.

Add a new person profile

  1. From the Profiles > People page, click on the New Person button.
Selecting New Person from the New dropdown
  1. Select an owner and, if needed, co-owners for this record. This designates who is responsible for the record.
    • For example, if this is a profile for a History professor, then you may want to assign your History liaison as the owner and your Head of Reference & Instruction as a co-owner.
    • The owner(s) will have the ability to edit and delete the profile.
  2. Complete all required profile fields, as well as any optional fields that you'd like (don't worry: you can edit these later).
    • By default, the First Name, Last Name, Primary Email, and Type are always required.
  3. Click the Save button.
completing the required fields for a new person profile

Create and update person profiles in bulk

In addition to creating and updating person profiles individually, Admin users can also import profiles in bulk. Imports can be completed via an Excel spreadsheet template or with an ILS Data Sync. Both bulk options also include options to update person profile data in bulk, making it easy to add person profiles to LibConnect and to keep them up to date.

Person profiles created from the email signup form

The Signup Form, used by patrons to sign up for email updates from your system's Email Campaigns, provides you a link that you can share with your users who don't currently have a profile in your LibConnect system to sign up for email updates. When a user submits their information via the form, LibConnect will create a new profile in this system to assist with tracking their email preferences.

In order to start collecting responses to the form, share its public URL  wherever you want to enable folks to sign up for email updates. You can always deactivate a form, which will remove it from public view.

Example signup form
Example Signup Form for a LibConnect system

Viewing the Signup Form

  1. Go to Emails > Signup Forms.
  2. Click on the URL for the form, or click the View link. 
    1. Use the Rename link to adjust the name that is displayed at the top of the form.
    2. If you don't want to allow patrons to sign up for email updates on their own, click the Deactivate link to disable the public signup form.
viewing the public signup form