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What is the publishing workflow?

The Publishing Workflow, available only with LibGuides CMS, enables an editorial review process in your LibGuides system. When enabled:

  • You will choose specific users to serve as authorized reviewers. (Note: Admins are not automatically authorized reviewers and must be added individually.)
  • These reviewers will be the only users who can publish new guides, as well as new boxes and pages on guides that already have a status of Published.
  • New boxes and pages added to published guides by non-reviewers will be forced into Draft Mode.
  • Non-reviewers will have to submit their guides for review whenever they want to have content taken out of Draft Mode, or when changing a guide's status to Published. 

As a result, the Publishing Workflow gives you the opportunity to review and proofread new content before it's published, allowing you to optimize the quality of your content and maintain a consistent voice & appearance throughout your guides.

What happens when Publishing Workflow is enabled?

When the Publishing Workflow is enabled, only authorized reviewers are able to publish content. For other users (including Admins who are not authorized reviewers), there will be restrictions when working on guides that have a status of Published.

The following table summarizes which actions will require review by an authorized reviewer.

Action Review required?
Changing a guide's status to Private No
Changing a guide's status to Published Yes
Changing a guide's status to Unpublished No
Taking a box or page out of Draft Mode on a Published guide Yes
Taking a box or page out of Draft Mode on a Private or Unpublished guide No
Adding or editing content items & assets in visible boxes (i.e. boxes not in Draft Mode) No

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