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Publishing Workflow: Review new guides, pages, and boxes before publishing

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The Publishing Workflow, available only with LibGuides CMS, enables an editorial review process in your LibGuides system. When enabled:

  • You will choose specific users to serve as authorized reviewers. (Note: Admins are not automatically authorized reviewers and must be added individually.)
  • These reviewers will be the only users who can publish new guides, as well as new boxes and pages on guides that already have a status of Published.
  • New boxes and pages added to published guides by non-reviewers will be forced into Draft Mode.
  • Non-reviewers will have to submit their guides for review whenever they want to have content taken out of Draft Mode, or when changing a guide's status to Published. 

As a result, the Publishing Workflow gives you the opportunity to review and proofread new content before it's published, allowing you to optimize the quality of your content and maintain a consistent voice & appearance throughout your guides.

What happens when Publishing Workflow is enabled?

When the Publishing Workflow is enabled, only authorized reviewers are able to publish content. For other users (including Admins who are not authorized reviewers), there will be restrictions when working on guides that have a status of Published.

The following table summarizes which actions will require review by an authorized reviewer.

Action Review required?
Changing a guide's status to Private No
Changing a guide's status to Published Yes
Changing a guide's status to Unpublished No
Taking a box or page out of Draft Mode on a Published guide Yes
Taking a box or page out of Draft Mode on a Private or Unpublished guide No
Adding or editing content items & assets in visible boxes (i.e. boxes not in Draft Mode) No

Publishing Workflow permissions

User level Enable / Disable Publishing Workflow Add / Remove Reviewers View Guides Pending Review Review / Publish Content
Admin users Yes Yes Yes Yes, if a reviewer
Regular users No No Yes, if a reviewer Yes, if a reviewer
Editor users No No No, cannot be reviewers n/a

Enabling the Publishing Workflow & selecting reviewers

  1. Go to Content > Publishing Workflow.

Selecting Publishing Workflow from the Content menu

  1. Toggle the Publishing Workflow Status.
    • Disabled: the Publishing Workflow is not turned on. Guide owners and editors can publish new content immediately.
    • Enabled: the Publishing Workflow is turned on. Review will be required before publishing new guides, pages, and boxes.

Changing the Publishing Workflow Status

Adding and removing authorized reviewers

  1. To add a reviewer: click in the Authorized Reviewers field and select a name from the list.
    • Reviewers will have the ability to publish all hidden (i.e. Draft mode) content and change the status of guides to Published.
    • New guides, pages, and boxes created by reviewers can be published immediately -- they do not require review.
    • Remember: Admins are not automatically authorized reviewers and must be added individually.
  2. To remove a reviewer: click on the Delete () icon next to a reviewer's name.

Selecting authorized reviewers

Submit a guide for review

When the Publishing Workflow is enabled for your LibGuides system (available in CMS only), you will be required to submit new guides, pages, and boxes for review before they can be published. This will notify your system's designated reviewer(s), who will then review and publish your guide's changes.

In order for new guides, pages, and boxes to be published, you will need to do the following:

  1. Once you've finished editing your guide, click on the Edit Guide button (it will reflect the current status of your guide).
  2. Select Change Status & Share from the dropdown.

Selecting Change Status & Share from the Edit Guide dropdown

  1. Under the Guide Publishing tab, select a new status from the Publication Status dropdown.
  2. The Message text area will appear. Use this to leave an optional message for your reviewers. We recommend using this to summarize what content needs to be reviewed and published.
  3. Click the adjacent Save button. This will set your guide's status to Submitted for Review until your changes have been published by a reviewer.

Submitting a guide for review

What happens after a guide is submitted for review?

Your reviewer(s) will receive a notification that your guide is ready for review. They will then edit your guide, review the changes, and publish them.

Once the reviewer is finished, they will set your guide's status back to Published, at which point you will receive a notification email that the review is complete.

Review & publish a guide submitted for review

Once a guide has been submitted for review, all authorized reviewers will receive an email notification to let them know. This email will contain a link directly to the guide, as well as the Publishing Workflow page (Content > Publishing Workflow) where they can view a list of all guides pending review.

The Publishing Worfklow page listing guides pending review

In addition, reviewers will also see an alert on their LibGuides dashboard, letting them know that there are guides pending review. This will also contain a link directly to the Publishing Workflow page, where they can see the complete list.

Example of a publishing workflow alert on the dashboard

To approve a guide pending review:

  1. Edit the guide that is pending review.
  2. Review the changes made to the guide.
    • The guide owner or editor can provide you with notes when submitting a guide for review, which appear in the notification email as well as the list of guides pending review. These notes can help you more quickly identify what content needs published.
    • If this guide already had a status of Published, new boxes or pages added to the guide will be in Draft Mode. You will need to take each out of Draft Mode before they will appear on the published guide.
    • If this is a brand new guide, or one being updated from Private to Published, then you will likely want to review the entire guide because content added to Unpublished and Private guides are not placed in Draft Mode automatically .
    • Feel free to make any edits along the way, or work with the guide owner on making any needed revisions prior to publishing.
  3. Once you have completed the review, you can update the guide's status to Published to complete the review process.

Publishing a guide submitted for review