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Add, reuse, and organize items in a course

Editing a course page

To add and manage items in your course, you must first edit the course's page. 

  1. Go to Content > E-Reserves.
  2. Under the Courses tab, you can either:
    1. Click on the course's link in the Course Name column.
    2. Click on the Edit Course Items () icon in the Actions column.

Selecting E-Reserves from the Content menu

Course Name link and Edit Course Items icon

Add a new item

To create a brand new item and add it to your course:

  1. While editing the course page, click on the  Add Item button.
  2. Select Create New Item from the dropdown.
  3. In the Add/Edit Item window, you can configure the options for your new item.
    1. In the Name field, enter a descriptive name for the item. This will display as a link on the course page, which users will click to view the item.
    2. In the Description field, you can enter an optional description of the item.
      • Use the dropdown to choose how the description will display on the course page (e.g. beneath the item's name).
    3. If you would like to restrict access to this item, you can provide an optional Password users must enter to view the item.
      • This password is in addition to any password or LibAuth authentication you've already set for the course itself.
    4. If this item has a URL (such as a website), enter it in the Item URL field.
    5. Use the Window Target dropdown to choose whether the Item URL should open in a new or the current window.
    6. If the Item URL requires proxy authentication, you can set the Use Proxy option to Yes. This will prepend your proxy URL to the Item URL.
      • To use this option, an admin must provide the proxy URL in your LibGuides system settings.
    7. To attach a document to this item (such as a PDF), click on the Attach New File button to upload it (max. file size is 20 MB).
      • Each site has a maximum of 5 GB of storage space. If you need additional space, please contact the Springy Sales Team.
    8. To organize this new item in a folder, select it from the Folder dropdown.
    9. ​If you would like to limit the visibility of this item on the public course page, use the Start Visibility and/or End Visibility fields to select the visibility dates.
      • To make the item visible immediately through a specific end date, you can leave the Start Visibility field empty and select only an End Visibility date.
      • To make an item visible indefinitely starting on a specific date, you can leave the End Visibility field empty and select only a Start Visibility date.
      • Remember: a course's visibility is set by its term. If you want all items available for the duration of the term, then you do not need to select any visibility dates.
    10. ​​From the Type dropdown, select which type of item you are adding (e.g. Book, Article, Website).
      • This will allow you to enter additional bibliographic or descriptive information specific to the type of item.
  4. When finished, click the Save button.

Selecting Create New Item from the Add Item dropdown

Options for adding a new item

Reuse an existing item

When adding an item to a course, you have the option to reuse an existing item instead of creating a new item from scratch. 

  1. While editing the course page, click on the  Add Item button.
  2. Select Reuse Existing Item from the dropdown.
  3. In the Search for Items dropdown, search for the item you want to reuse.
  4. Click on the item you want to reuse from the search results.
  5. A summary of the item info will appear.
    • Not the link you are looking for? No problem: search again and select a different one.
  6. By default, a mapping of the original item will be added to your course. If you would rather create a copy of the original item, select the Copy checkbox.
    • Using a mapping is convenient because any changes made to it will be reflected in every course where the item is mapped.
    • If you select the Copy checkbox, this will create a brand new item that's independent of the original. Changes made to the copy will not affect the original item and its mappings.
  7. Click the Save button.

Selecting Reuse Existing Item from the Add Item dropdown

Selecting an item to reuse

Saving a reused item

Edit or remove an item

  1. Click on the Edit () menu next to the item name.
    1. To edit the item information, select  Edit from the dropdown.
    2. To remove the item from your course, select Remove from the dropdown. This will remove the item from only this course -- it will not be permanently deleted from your E-Reserves module.

Options to edit or remove an item

Sort items 

When you add two or more items together, whether in a folder or on the top level of your course page, you will see the Sort Items option appear. This will allow you to sort the items, either by name or in a custom order.

  1. Click on the Sort Items button.
  2. From the Sort Type dropdown, select your sorting option.
    1. To sort items in a custom order, select Manually. This will allow you to drag and drop the items into your own order.
    2. To automatically sort the items alphabetically by name, select By Name.

Options for sorting items

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