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Using the public LibGuides discussion board

The public system discussion board is a great way to interact with your patrons. Your public discussion board is available via your LibGuides homepage or by adding /discussions.php to your LibGuides domain name. For example:

Please note: in order for users to see your discussion board's posts, it must be viewed over a secure HTTPS connection. For best results, we recommend that a LibApps admin set your LibGuides site to always load over HTTPS.

getting to the public system discussion board

Once on the board, any users that have logged into their account (LibGuides account holders and Patron accounts) can:

  1. Create new discussions from the Add New Discussion panel.
  2. Reply to existing posts.
  3. Search for posts by title in the Search Titles box.
  4. Filter the posts by tags.
  5. Manage their account or logout from the Manage Account and Logout links in the bottom right corner.

using the public system discussion board

Who can use the public system discussion board?

User level View/Create Discussions? Delete Discussions? Manage Tags?
Admin Yes Yes, from any user Yes
Regular Yes Yes, but only the ones they created No
Editor/Contributor Yes Yes, but only the ones they created No
Patron Yes Yes, but only the ones they created No
No account View only n/a n/a

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