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Statistics: Searches

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The Searches‚Äč report will provide you with a breakdown of search queries over time. This can give you insight as to the most popular topics your users are trying to find in your LibGuides site. Each search term provides the location of where the search was made and the number of times it was used. Locations include:

  • System: searches made via your homepage or guides.
  • AZ: searches made via your A-Z Database List page.

The report also includes a chart showing the total number of searches per day.

To run a report:

  1. Go to Statistics from the command bar.
  2. Click on the Searches tab.
  3. Use the date filters to select a date range for your report.
  4. Click the Run Report button.
    1. Use the Records per page dropdown to increase or decrease the number of records showing per page of results.
    2. Use the Export All Records buttons to export the statistics data table in HTML or CSV format.
    3. Click on the menu () icon in the chart to export or print the chart (it is not included when copying or exporting the report's data).

Searches stats report