Change a guide's sharing permission

When creating a new guide, users have the option to create a copy of an existing guide instead of starting from scratch. Whether or not a guide is able to be copied depends upon its sharing permission. Each guide can be set to one of three possible permissions: Community; Internal; and No.

Permission Can be copied by users in the same LibGuides system? Can be copied by users in other LibGuides systems?
Community Yes Yes
Internal Yes No
No No No

 Important notes about sharing

  • Admins can choose to disable community sharing for all guides. When disabled, guide owners will only be able to choose from the Internal or No permissions.
  • Sharing is turned on by default when creating a new guide, but can be adjusted at any time.
  • Community sharing allows other users from other LibGuides systems to copy your guide.
    • A guide must also have a status of Published or Private in order to be copied within the Community.
    • Guides assigned to internal or restricted groups (CMS only), or the "Internal Guide" or "Template Guide" guide types, cannot be copied by others in the Community.
  • Setting a guide's sharing permission to No only prevents the guide from being copied when creating a new guide. This does not prevent other users in the same LibGuides system from reusing individual boxes or pages from that guide.

Changing a guide's sharing permission

  1. Edit your guide and click on the Edit Guide button (it will reflect the current status of your guide).
  2. Select Change Status & Share from the dropdown.
  3. Under the Guide Publishing tab, click on the permission you want to enable from the Share Guide Content options.
  4. Click the adjacent Save button.

Selecting Change Status & Share from the Edit Guide dropdown

Setting a guide's sharing permission

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