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Restricting access to a guide with a password

Another way to restrict access to your guide is by requiring a password (a CMS-only feature). When a guide is password-restricted: 

  • Its contents will be indexed on the public side (unless it is an Internal guide type), but only folks who know the password will be able to access it.
  • Its contents will also be reusable by any other guide authors in the system, unless you also set your Sharing Restriction to "No".
  • This is guide level only - you cannot password protect individual pages or boxes. You can, however, put pages and boxes in "draft mode" to hide them.
  • The password restriction applies to the public view of your guide; users will not be prompted for the password when editing the guide.

Adding access rules

  1. Edit your guide and click on the Edit Guide button (it will reflect the current status of your guide).
  2. Select Access Controls from the dropdown.
  3. In the Access Restrictions window, go to the Password tab.
  4. Enter a password into the Guide Password field.
  5. Click the Save button.

Once you've set a password, users will be prompted to enter a password before they can view your guide's content.

(If you happen to forget what you assigned as the password, just return here -- it will be displayed in the box.)

Editing and removing passwords

Repeat the steps above, but in Step 4:

  • To change an existing password, just edit the current text.
  • To remove a password, leave the field blank.

Selecting Access Controls from the Edit Guide dropdown

Adding a password to a guide


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