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Choosing the profile to display in a profile box

When you add a new profile box to a guide, it will display the guide owner's profile by default. However, you can customize this to display another user's profile box, or you can even randomize the box to display a different profile each time the page loads.

Customizing a profile box

  1. While editing your guide, click on the page containing your profile box in the guide's navigation menu (i.e. tabs or side-navigation).
  2. In the gallery box's heading, click on the Edit Profile Selection () icon.
  3. In the Edit Profile Selection window, select the profile you want to display from the dropdown.
    • To display the current guide owner's profile (default), select Display the guide owner's profile.
    • To display any random profile for any account in your system, select Display a random profile.
    • To display a randomly selected guide owner's profile, select Display a random guide owner.
    • Or, select the profile for a specific user you want to display.
  4. Click the Close button.

Clicking the Edit Profile Selection icon

Selecting a profile to display 

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