See where an Image Manager image is being used

In the Image Manager, an image's mapping count represents how many times an image is being reused throughout your LibApps system. Currently, this includes images being used in the following locations:

  • Gallery box slides
  • Rich Text/HTML content items
  • Link, Document/File, and Database asset thumbnails
  • Discussion board posts
  • Blog posts

Viewing where an image is being reused

  1. Go to Content > Image Manager
  2. Select the library that contains the image that you want to move.
  3. Choose the folder that contains the image, then look for the Image Mapping count below the image's thumbnail. This will display the number of times the image is being reused.
  4. To view a list of these locations, click on the number. The list that appears will be organized by content type, with links to each location where the image is being used.

Viewing an image's mappings

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