Analyzing your A-Z Database List holdings

If you have LibGuides CMS, the Analyze Holdings page gives you several ways to review your database holdings and compare them against the A-Z Community. To get started, go to Content > A-Z Database List > Analyze Holdings.

The following reports are available:

Selecting A-Z Database List from the Content dropdown

Clicking the Analyze Holdings tab

Summary analysis

The summary analysis at the top of the page provides you with a broad overview of your holdings, including:


  • The total of databases in your A-Z List
  • The total number of trial, new, and popular databases
  • The total number of databases assigned to subjects
  • The total number of vendors in your database list
  • The ratio of active (aka "visible") to hidden databases  

Summary analysis

Subject analysis

The Subjects box provides you with the distribution of databases by subject category. This report can help you identify subjects that may not be sufficiently covered by your current database subscriptions.

To view your current holdings in a subject category, click on that subject in the list. This will take you to the Subject Database Analysis page for that subject category.

Subjects overview

Subject Database Analysis

When you click on an individual subject, you'll be taken to the Subject Database Analysis. This will provide you with a list of your current holdings, including if any titles have been designated as best bets for that subject.

  1. To view a database's full details, click on its Name.
  2. This report will also allow you to compare your holdings in this subject to the rest of the LibGuides community. Since not everyone uses the same name for a subject, you'll be given a choice of similar subject categories to pick from.
    • You can use the Library Type and Country dropdowns to only view holdings for peer or nearby institutions.
    • Select the checkboxes next to the subject categories you'd like to include in your analysis, then click the Go button.
    • The analysis will display below, listing the databases assigned to the selected subjects and how many times they were assigned as best bets.

Subject database analysis

Vendor analysis

The Vendors box shows a distribution of your database holdings by vendor. This gives you a quick, at-a-glance overview of which vendors are represented the most in your collection.

Vendors box

A-Z items report

The A-Z Items box allows you to view a title-level analysis of your holdings. This list will display all of the databases currently in your A-Z List, but you can filter it to only New, Trial, or Popular resources. You can also search and sort by a database's Name and Vendor.


To analyze a specific title, click on the database's name in the list. 

A-Z Items box

Analyzing a title

Clicking on a title will give you a summary of the database's information, including its subject assignments.

This report will also allow you to see how many other members of the LibGuides community own this title. This will show you how many systems contain that database, as well as how many people have designated it as a best bet, new, trial, or popular resource.

  1. Use the Library Type and Country filters to see holdings for your peer institutions.

Item-level analysis

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