Posting a new thread on a discussion board

New discussion board threads can be added to any discussion board -- the internal system-level board, the public system-level board, the internal board for any guide, or the public board for a guide -- in your LibGuides CMS site. 

  1. To add a new discussion thread to a board, click on the Add New Discussion panel at the top of the discussion board. Each new discussion includes:
    1. Title of the post: enter a title for your post (up to 255 characters). This will display on the main discussion board page, so make sure it clearly conveys what your discussion is about!
    2. Tags: assign one or more tags to your post. You can pick from the available tags added by your system admin.
    3. Content: use the Rich Text Editor to add content to your post. This is where you can expand on your question or topic.
    4. Attach a file: if you'd like to share a file in your post, you can upload files up to 20MB in size.
    5. This post is a question: if you mark your post as a question, this will allow you to designate a reply as "Correct". When a reply is marked "Correct", it will be highlighted in the thread and automatically close the discussion. This is great for discussions where you're looking for the best answer to a question or problem!
    6. Keep me updated via e-mail: you can choose to receive email notifications whenever someone replies to your discussion.
  2. Once you're finished, click the Create Discussion button.

add a new discussion board thread

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