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Add and manage COUNTER r5 SUSHI providers

Please note: per the COUNTER Release 5 Code of Practice, "a minimum of the current year plus the prior 24 months of usage data MUST be available, unless the content provider is newly COUNTER compliant." Please check with your vendor if you are unsure how much past data they provide in COUNTER 5 format. For older data, you may need to use our COUNTER 4 datasets for E-Journals/Databases and eBooks.

Getting there

To manage your SUSHI providers, go to Admin > SUSHI Providers.

Naivgating to the SUSHI Providers page

Adding and testing SUSHI providers

You can use the SUSHI protocol to harvest usage data from COUNTER r5-compliant vendors

Note: If your SUSHI Service Provider has an IP restriction, make sure to designate LibInsight's IP address ( as authorized to access your SUSHI service on your behalf.

Entering your SUSHI settings

In the steps below, enter the information as provided by your vendor. If you're unsure what the correct settings should be, please contact them directly.

  1. Click on the Add COUNTER 5 SUSHI Provider button.

Screenshot of the Add COUNTER 5 SUSHI Provider button

  1. In the Platform Name field, enter the name of this SUSHI provider.
  2. Enter the Server URL for this SUSHI provider.
    • Please enter only the base URL for the SUSHI server.
    • For example, in a URL like or, the base URL is the portion that comes before /status or /reports.
    • Some providers may have case sensitive URLs. For example, if your URL looks like, enter it as-is from your provider. If you are unsure whether a URL is case sensitive, please contact your vendor.
    • If you enter more than the base URL, LibInsight will attempt to shorten it so that only the base URL remains.
  3. Enter the Requestor ID assigned by your SUSHI provider.
  4. Optionally, enter your Requestor Name if required by your SUSHI provider.
  5. Optionally, enter your Requestor Email if required by your SUSHI provider.
  6. Enter the Customer ID assigned by your SUSHI provider.
  7. Optionally, enter your Customer Name if required by your SUSHI provider.
  8. If required by your SUSHI provider, enter the Platform value.
    • For example, Oxford University Press refers to their databases as "platforms", so the platform must be specified in each SUSHI request.
    • As a result, for OUP and similar vendors, you will likely need to set up one SUSHI Provider for each of their platforms you want to fetch data from.
  9. If required by your SUSHI provider, enter your Username.
  10. If required by your SUSHI provider, enter your Password.
  11. If required by your SUSHI provider, enter your assigned API Key.

The New COUNTER 5 SUSHI provider window

Testing your connection

  1. Before saving, we recommend clicking the Test Connection button to verify your settings are correct.
    1. If LibInsight was able to connect successfully, you'll see a green confirmation message at the top of the window. Otherwise, a red error message will appear with additional information. 
    2. For help troubleshooting your connection, please send that message, along with the provided API URL, to your your SUSHI provider for assistance.
  2. Click the Save button.

Testing and saving a COUNTER 5 SUSHI provider

Want to validate your SUSHI provider settings? In LibInsight, you can edit a SUSHI provider at any time to test its connection. You can also use the free COUNTER r5 Validation Tool provided by Project COUNTER.

Managing SUSHI providers

  1. To edit a provider, click on the Edit () icon in the Actions column.
  2. To remove a provider, click on the Delete () icon in the Actions column. This will only delete the provider -- it will not remove any data harvested from that provider.

Example of options for managing SUSHI providers 

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