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Hide inactive users from the Entered By field in datasets

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If you no longer want a user to have access to your LibInsight system, you have two choices:

  • You can completely remove their account. This will revoke their access, but require you to reassign all of their previously-entered data to another user account.
  • You can set their account status to Inactive. This will prevent them from signing in, while keeping their previously-entered data attributed to them.

Because Inactive users still show up in your list of user accounts, you have the choice whether to include their names in the Entered By fields of Counts/Aggregate, Custom, Reference (Individual Transactions), and Shared datasets.

  1. Go to Admin > System Settings.

The System Settings option under the Admin menu

  1. Adjust the Show Inactive Accounts option on the General tab as needed:
    • Select Yes, show Inactive Accounts to include the names of inactive users in your Entered By fields.
    • Select No, do not show Inactive Accounts to hide the names of inactive users in your Entered By fields.
  2. Click the Save All System Settings button.

The Show Inactive Accounts option