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Navigating the LibInsight homepage

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The LibInsight homepage serves as a launch pad and dashboard for your system -- making it easy to access various datasets and settings, as well as see an overview of content in your system.

Depending upon your user account settings, you may not be taken to the homepage when you first log into LibInsight. However, you can always access it by clicking on Home in the command bar.

Navigating to the LibInsight homepage

When on the homepage you will see:

  1. Alerts
  2. Getting Started
  3. Shortcuts
  4. At-a-Glance

Screenshot of the homepage


Admins have the ability to post alert messages that appear on everyone's homepage in the Alerts box.

  • Don't see this box? That just means your admins do not currently have any alerts to share.
  • If you're an admin and want to create an alert, you can from Admin > Alert Boxes.

Example of an Alerts box

Getting Started

If you're new LibInsight admin, you'll see the Getting Started box at the top of the homepage. This box will help guide you to some of the most important options for setting up your LibInsight system, such as configuring your system settings and creating user accounts. It also includes links to our documentation and training videos to help you get up to speed!

  1. Done for now? Click on the Dismiss button to hide the box temporarily. It will reappear the next time you log into LibApps.
  2. No longer need this box? Then click on the Dismiss Forever button to permanently remove it from your homepage.

Example of the Getting Started box


In the Shortcuts box, you'll find quick links to frequently-used features and settings in LibInsight, such as dashboards, the cross-dataset analysis tool, shortcuts for analyzing and recording data to all of the datasets you personally have access to, and more.

Admins will also find shortcuts for managing datasets, widgets, user accounts, and more!

Example of the Shortcuts box


The At-a-Glance box gives you a quick summary of the content in your LibInsight system, such as the total number of datasets, records, dashboards, and friendly URLs. If you're an admin, you'll also find the total number of widgets, user accounts, shared datasets*, and SUSHI providers.

Example of the At-a-Glance box