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Customizing the homepage alert boxes

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Alert boxes are a great way to communicate with your colleagues in LibInsight. When a user visits the LibInsight homepage, an alert box will appear at the top. Think of these as bulletin boards where you can share updates, policies, contact info, links -- or just about anything else you may think is helpful for people to know.

Example of an alert box on the LibInsight homepage

To customize the alert boxes:

  1. Go to Admin > System Settings.

The System Settings option under the Admin menu

  1. Click on the Alert Boxes tab.
  2. To display an alert to everyone, enter your text in the All Users text box.
  3. To display an alert only to admin-level users, enter your text in the Admins Only text box.
  4. Click on the Save All System Settings button.

To format your messages, you can use the following HTML tags: <a>, <b>, <em>, <i>, <img>, <p>, <strong>, <br>, and <hr>. If you do not want to display an alert box, just leave the text boxes blank.

Example of customizing the alert boxes