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Customizing your institution information

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The institution information (Name, URL, and Reference) allows you to customize how your institution appears throughout LibInsight.

To customize these settings:

  1. Go to Admin > System Settings.

The System Settings option under the Admin menu

  1. Set the Institution Name field on the General tab.
    • This field allows you to customize the name of your institution, as you want it to appear throughout LIbInsight. This is commonly the name of the library.
  2. Set the Institution URL.
    • This URL is where users will be taken when they click on the Institution Name when it appears on a page. This is commonly the URL of the library's website.
  3. Set the Institution Reference.
    • This is a nickname or shorthand for your library. It will be used in phrases such as "_____ Home". For example, if you used "Libraries" as your reference, then that phrase would appear as "Libraries Home".
  4. Click the Save All System Settings button at the bottom of the page to save any changes.

changing the institution information