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What can I do with an E-Journals / Databases (COUNTER r4) dataset?

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The E-Journals/Databases (COUNTER r4) dataset allows you to analyze the usage of all of your e-journals and databases in one place. These datasets support the uploading of COUNTER r4 files, in addition to the harvesting of SUSHI data directly from your providers. If you happen to have a resource that does not support COUNTER r4 or SUSHI, no worries! You can manually enter or upload generic usage data, as well.

For each of your platforms, you'll be able to analyze the total number of downloads, searches, sessions, views, and clicks, depending upon the type of usage data you've provided. You can also record cost data for your platforms, as well, providing you with valuable cost-per-use statistics.

There are even reports that allow you to easily track journals and databases with the highest and lowest usage, which can be a huge help when it comes time to consider your renewals. The trends report also allows you to see how your usage has changed over time, as well.

Example analysis report for an e-journals/databases dataset