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Manage the categories in an ILL dataset

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To edit a dataset's categories:

  1. Go to Admin > Manage Datasets.
  2. Click on the dataset's Edit () button in the Actions column.

Editing a dataset

  1. Make your changes under the Edit ILL Categories tab.
    1. Click on the  Add New Categories button to add more categories.
    2. Click on the Cancelled Requests tab to manage your cancelled request categories.
    3. Click on the Partner Institutions tab to manage your partner institution categories.
    4. To edit a category, click on the Edit () button in the Actions column.
    5. To empty the data from a category, click on the Empty () button in the  Actions column. Be careful: this will permanently remove all data in this category.
    6. To delete a category, click on the Delete () button in the Actions column. Be careful: this will permanently delete the category and its data.

Editing a dataset's categories 

Adding categories

  1. Click on the  Add New Categories button.

Screenshot of the Add New Categories button

  1. Select the process type (borrowing, lending, or both) these categories will apply to.
  2. Select the request type these categories will be used for.
    • Cancelled requests: the categories you add will be available for tracking reasons why requests were cancelled.
    • Partner institutions: the categories you add will be available for tracking borrowing/lending from partner institutions.
  3. Enter the names for your categories in the text fields.
  4. Click the Add Categories button.

Example of adding new categories