Manage which Regular users can review a workflow form's submissions

By default, only Admin users are allowed to review a workflow form's submissions. However, each form can be configured to allow specific Regular users to review the submissions just for that form. This includes:

  • Searching, browsing, and exporting the form's submissions in the Submissions Explorer.
  • Add notes and update stages for the form's submissions.
  • Delete any of the form's submissions.

Regular users still cannot, however, make changes to a workflow form's settings or fields -- this can only be done by Admins.

Please note that Admin users necessarily have access to all forms and form submissions. It is not currently possible to remove an Admin user's access to view or manage a form.

Adding and removing Regular users

  1. Go to Admin > Workflow Forms and click on a form's edit () icon in the Actions column.

A form's edit icon in the Actions column

  1. Click on the Workflow Settings tab.
  2. In the Access Control box, use the dropdown to select which Regular users can have access to the form's submissions.
    1. Use the search box in the dropdown to filter the list of names.
    2. Click on the Select All button to select all users in the list.
    3. Click on the Deselect All button to clear all currently-selected names.
    4. Click on individual names to add or remove their access (selected users will be indicated by a checkmark).
  3. Click the Save button to apply your changes.

The Access Control box 

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