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Reports & Accounts: Generate a report of your staff's available hours

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Admins can generate a report that will display the Available Hours for each account in LibStaffer.  The report will list the available/working hours that have been set for each account and will also indicate if any hours have been set for a day vs. the staff member being set as not available for a day.

Each report can be printed or exported for your records.

To generate an Available Hours report:

  1. Click on Reports in the command bar.
  2. Click on the Available Hours tab.
    1. Days that are Not Available have been set to that status for the staff member.
    2. Days that are Not Set have had no available hours set for the staff member.
    3. Click on the Show/Hide Columns button to select which columns to display in the table.
    4. Use the Print, Copy, or CSV buttons to save a copy of the report.
    5. Use the Search field to filter the table by keyword.‚Äč
Running an available hours report