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System Settings: Set the name, institution info, and admin email address for your system

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From your System Settings, admins can customize the name of your LibStaffer system, the Institution Name & URL, and the Admin Email.

The System Name is the name for your system as it appears throughout LibStaffer, as well as on the LibApps dashboard. This can help you brand your system and make it easier to recognize. For example, instead of using the default name of "LibStaffer", you could instead use something like "Library Staff Schedule".

The Institution Name and Institution URL are used when you choose to display a banner image in LibStaffer.

  • When clicking on the banner image, it will take users to the address in the Institution URL field.
  • The Institution Name, along with the System Name, will appear in the banner image's alt text.

Each system needs to provide an email address for its primary admin contact. If we ever need to share announcements or important LibStaffer info, the Admin Email is the person we will contact.

  1. Go to Admin > System Settings.
Navigating to the System Settings page
  1. Under the System Settings tab, go to the Institution Information panel.
  2. Edit the text in the System Name field.
  3. To customize the name of your Institution, edit the text in the Institution Name field.
  4. To customize the URL for your institution, edit the Institution URL field.
  5. Edit the address in the Admin Email field.
  6. Click the Save button.
The Institution Info options from System Settings under the Admin menu