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Shifts: Mediate proposed shift swaps

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If you are a system or schedule Admin user and one of your schedules has shift swap mediation enabled, you will see an alert on your LibStaffer dashboard when there are swaps that need approval. (Note: you may also receive an email notification depending upon your schedule's settings.)

To view these pending swaps:

  1. Click on the You have Shift swap approvals pending link on the dashboard.
The pending shift swap alert on the dashboard
  1. For each pending swap, click on the Accept button to approve it, or the Reject button to deny it.
    • Each shift will display the staff member's name; the date, time, & name of the shift; and the name of the schedule.
    • If a swap is accepted, the schedule will update those shifts automatically. If a swap is rejected, the shift assignments will not change.
The shift swap approval screen showing a proposed swap