Syncing your schedule with an Outlook/Exchange calendar

Do you want to see your upcoming shifts without logging into LibStaffer? Use the Outlook/Exchange sync to pull your LibStaffer schedule into an Outlook or Exchange calendar. After syncing, you will see the shift name and times in your calendar.

To enable the Outlook/Exchange sync:

  1. Click your account name (email address) from the command bar to jump to the Manage Account page.

  2. Click the Outlook/Exchange tab.

  3. Add the Server/Host. The server address is usually your base Outlook Web App (OWA) address. A way of obtaining the server address is directly via 3rd party clients such as Outlook or even the Apple iPhone. 
    • In Outlook: File > Account Settings > Email > Change > More Settings > Connection > Exchange Proxy Settings. You will see https:// address, use this address (without https://).
    • From an iPhone: Settings > Mail > Choose Account > Exchange Account > Server.
  4. Enter your Username. This is usually an email address or your Active Directory login (e.g. Staff\PSmith).
  5. Input your Password and Email in the appropriate fields. 
  6. Click Save

outlook exchange sync

Note: Shift times will be imported as UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) into your calendar, and Outlook will convert to your locally set time zone.

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