Creating a new schedule

  1. From the command bar, go to Admin > Schedule Settings.
  2. Click the Create New Schedule button. 
  3. On the Create New Schedule modal, choose the initial settings for the schedule:
    1. Name: Give your schedule a name. This is what staff will see when viewing schedules, so make sure to make it descriptive.
    2. Allow Staff to claim Shifts: Once enabled, staff will be able to claim/self-assign themselves to open shifts. With this setting, admins can mark a shift to be claimed, and then staff will be able to claim these via the Open Shifts tab in the Upcoming Shifts box on their dashboard. When this is enabled, there are two additional settings to set:
      • Claim Period: Choose how far in advance a shift can be claimed.
      • Claim Type: Set the type of window for the Claim Period -- rolling or weekly.
    3. Allow Staff to mark Shifts as Favorite: Once enabled, staff will be able to favorite their own recurring shifts, on the calendar for the schedule.
    4. Allow Staff to give up Shifts: Once enabled, staff will see an option to give up their shifts, on the dashboard. An additional option to email admins when a given up shift has been claimed can also be enabled here.
    5. Allow 1:1 Shift Swapping: Enable direct 1:1 shift swapping between staff assigned to the schedule. An additional option to enable admin account holders to mediate swaps can be set here as well.
  4. Click Save to create the new schedule.

create new schedule step 1

create new schedule step 2

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