Add a single shift to a schedule

Did you know? You can also add single shifts using drag & drop. Learn more...
  1. Click on Schedules from the command bar.
  2. Select the schedule you want to edit from the Schedule for dropdown.
  3. Click anywhere on the day that the shift will occur. For example, click anywhere on the Monday column (in Week view) to add a shift to Monday.
    • Or: click on the cog () button and select  Create Shift.
    • You will then be able to select a date in the New Shift modal (in addition to the other settings listed in Step 4 below).

add single shift to a schedule step 1

  1. On the New Shift modal, you can define the following settings for the shift:
    1. Shift Name: Provide a short description for the shift if desired (e.g. "Library Opener"). Try to keep these as short as possible.
    2. Shift Color: Choose one of the preset colors, or select your own custom color, for this shift to display on the calendar. This can be helpful for organizing your shifts (e.g. Color the A.M. shift yellow and the P.M. shift green).
    3. Start: Select the time when this shift begins.
    4. End: Select the time this shift ends. Note: If you pick an End time that is earlier than the Start time, then the shift will end at that time on the following day.
    5. Repeat Pattern: Select Single Date to create a single shift. Or, learn more about the recurring shift options.
    6. Date: Select the date when this shift occurs.
    7. Minimum # of People: Each shift can have multiple people assigned to it. Enter the minimum number of people that need to be assigned to this shift.
    8. Enable Shift Claiming: If you have configured your schedule to allow staff to claim shifts, selecting this option will enable staff to claim this shift if it is unfilled. These shifts will appear under the Open Shifts list on the LibStaffer dashboard.
    9. Positions: If you have Positions added to LibStaffer (from Admin > Org Hierarchy) and the schedule has been configured to have positions assigned to shifts, you can select the position(s) that are required for filling the shift. 
    10. Tasks & Notes: you can add optional notes that staff will be able to see with their shift assignment, such as when viewing their upcoming shifts on the dashboard.
  2. Click Save Shift or Save & Assign Staff to save the shift.
    • The Save Shift option will take you back to the calendar for the schedule.
    • The Save & Assign Shift option will take you directly to the modal for assigning staff to the shift.

add single shift to a schedule step 2

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