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Fields: Name input

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The Name field is intended for recording the submitter's name. Although you could use a One-line Text Input for this purpose, there are a couple of advantages to using the Name field:

  • The Short Name and Question Text properties are both set to "Name" by default, so there's nothing you need to change.
  • If you also subscribe to LibCRM, data submitted in this field will be automatically captured.
Example of a name field
Example of a name field

Display properties

  1. Short Name: a label for your question as it appears on the workpad and in your reports. This does not display on the public form or survey.
  2. Question Text: the text label that appears on your form or survey. Use the rich text editor to add instructions or ask a question.
  3. Answer Width: the width of the text field, as a percentage (e.g. 100%) or pixels (e.g. 500px).
  4. Default Value: you can set a default value that appears in the field when the survey or form is loaded.
  5. Max Input Length: you can limit the number of characters allowed in the response. Set to 0 (zero) or leave blank if you don't want to set a character limit.
  6. Required: indicate whether or not this is a required field.
  7. Hidden: indicate whether or not to hide this field when the survey or form is loaded. A field rule can be used to unhide this based upon responses in another field.
Display properties for a name field

Advanced Customization

  1. Group ID: field groups allow you to show or hide multiple fields at once using field rules.
    • To add a new group, click the Add Group button, give the group a name, and save.
    • Otherwise, choose an existing group from the dropdown menu.
  2. CSS: you can customize the appearance of this field by adding CSS code. Enter only the CSS properties (such as color: red;); do not add selectors or <style> tags.
  3. Reporting: choose whether or not you want the field to display in your form or survey's data report and how you want it to appear.
    • Width: enter how wide you want this field's column to display in your report's data table. Enter the number of pixels you want to use. To automatically size the column, enter 0 (zero) or leave the field blank.
    • Display this column in table?: select this option to include the field in your report's data table.
    • Allow wrap in table display?: select this option if you want to allow text in this column to wrap in your report's data table.
Example of advanced customization options for a name field