Viewing a form in Preview Mode

While viewing your form in Preview Mode, you can:

  • See exactly how your form will look to the public, including your welcome screen, form fields, and thank you screen.
  • Try out field rules, file uploads, and other features.
  • Test out look & feel, visibility, password, and other settings.
  • Submit your form and test out email notifications.
  • Review your test submissions. While in Preview Mode, all submissions will be separated from your users' submission data.

Launching preview mode

  1. Edit your form.
  2. Click on the blue Preview button above the workpad.

The Preview button above the workpad 

Preview Mode features

When in Preview Mode, a green navigation bar will appear over the top of your form. This not only lets you know you're in Preview Mode, but it also provides you with several options.

  1. Under the Options dropdown, you can choose to:
    • Ignore Required questions. Selecting this option will allow you to submit your form without having to fill in required fields.
    • Show Hidden Fields. Selecting the option will allow you to view hidden fields, which is helpful if you have field rules in place.
  2. Click the Share/URL button to view your form's embed code and public URL.
  3. Click the Preview Mode Reports button to view and analyze all of submissions made while in Preview Mode.
    • All submissions made in Preview Mode are kept in a separate list in your form's reports.
    • You can use all of the same analysis reports on your preview data as you can your real data.
  4. Click on the close (close) button to exit Preview Mode. This will take you to the public view of your form.

A form in Preview Mode

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