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Forms: Set up privacy scrubbing for data in specific form fields

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Privacy scrubbing allows you to designate form fields to be automatically cleared on a rolling basis. This can help ensure that you do not retain personally identifiable information longer than you absolutely need to.

For example, if you have a form that collects a user's name, email address, library ID, or other personal details, you could choose to have the data in these fields cleared each time the privacy scrubber runs. This will remove the data from those fields without deleting the entire submissions, allowing you to retain data from other fields for statistics.

To designate fields in a form for privacy scrubbing:

  1. While editing your form, click on the Form Options tab.
  2. Scroll down and click on the Advanced panel to expand it.
  3. Under Privacy Scrub Setting, click the Configure Privacy Scrub button.
The Configure Privacy Scrub button in the Advanced panel
  1. In the Edit Fields for Data Privacy Scrubbing window that appears, you'll find a list of all input fields in your form. For each one you want to include in privacy scrubbing, set its Mark for Privacy Data Scrubbing dropdown to Yes. Otherwise, set it to No to preserve its data.
    1. Remember: Name, Phone, and/or Email fields can be designated for scrubbing at the system level. If this is the case, they will automatically be set to Yes and cannot be changed.
  2. When finished making your selections, click the Save button.
    • You can return to these settings at any time to reconfigure your choices.
    • However, please keep in mind that it will only apply to future runs of the privacy scrubber. Data that has already been deleted cannot be restored.
Options in the Edit Field for Data Privacy Scrubbing window