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Forms: Post form submission data to a URL

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When a user submits a form, LibWizard has the ability to post that submission to a URL of your choice. You could use this, for example, if you are hosting some sort of web app to do something with that data (such as adding it to a local database). Data is posted to your URL in JSON format.

To post a form's submission data to a URL:

  1. While editing your form, click on the Form Options tab.
  2. Click on the Submission Behavior panel to expand it.
  3. In the Post Results To field, enter the URL where the data should be posted.
    • If you have developed your own app (in PHP, for example), you would need to host it on your own web server in order to use it here.
  4. Click the Save Changes button.
Customizing a form to post submission data to a URL

Example JSON object response data

In the example below, you can see how data will be posted for each submission.

Submissions will include detailed data, including both the field ID numbers and labels for each question.

    "iid": "9999",
    "formId": "12345",
    "ownerId": "67890",
    "accessRights": "",
    "name": "Post Results Example",
    "description": "",
    "owner_name": "",
    "instance_id": 3578008,
    "fields": [
            "field_id": 2934881,
            "label": "Text field",
            "val": "Hello world"
            "field_id": 2934884,
            "label": "Numeric field",
            "val": 1234
            "field_id": 2934883,
            "label": "Date field",
            "val": "May 08, 2019 12: 00 AM"
            "field_id": 2934885,
            "label": "Radio buttons",
            "val": "Radio 1"
            "field_id": 2934887,
            "label": "Checkboxes",
            "val": "Check 1|Check 2"
            "field_id": 2934886,
            "label": "Grid",
            "val": "|Row 1|Col 1||Row 2|Col 2||Row 3|Col 3|"